SCE Files Application for Time-Of-Use (TOU) Pricing

n April 14, 2017, SCE filed an application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requesting a rate change from the existing two-tiered rate structure to TOU pricing and to move eligible residential customers to TOU pricing starting November 2018.  SCE’s proposal is required by CPUC Decision (D.) 15-07-001, which instructed SCE to implement residential TOU rates in order to better align rates with the actual costs of providing electric service.  

SCE’s application proposes to transfer customers in “waves” with the first wave iexpected to apply to 1.6 million customers residing in cool to moderate climate zones (much of Orange County).  

The good news is that existing customers have a choice – they can either stay with the existing tiered structure or move to TOU pricing.   The challenge will be trying to determine which structure is best for you and that decision may change if you are thinking about installing a solar system on your roof.  

At EarthChoice Solar, we offer complimentary utility bill reviews for all of our customers to help ensure each customer is using the most effective rate structure for their circumstances.