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Renewable energy, solar in particular, is taking the U.S. by storm.  Thousands of home and business owners are going green every month in southern California for many good reasons, both environmental and economic.  In fact, California has led the nation in solar installations for many years.  In 2015 alone, California added 3.3 GW of solar power to the grid, roughly 3 times more than the runner-up.

you don't have to worry about your electricity bill this summer!


"The reason I went with EarthChoice [Solar] is that if I had a technical question, Brad got back to me almost immediately (I do almost all of my communication via email or text). Also, while most of the other companies work with one brand of panels, EarthChoice was able to develop a custom system for me with some excellent panels... Remember, these guys are engineers, not salespeople. You won't get a slick presentation full of videos and promises. Do your research and talk to Brad. He will work with you to make it happen. FYI - my electric bill for next month is projected to be -$1.



"...Our electric bill dropped from $150-$250 to less than $10 per month.  We are able to monitor the system's production from our phones... The entire process was very quick and easy.  The employees that we interacted with were very friendly, honest, and knowledgeable. Thank you EarthChoice [Solar] for helping us save money and live green. We highly recommend EarthChoice Solar."



"These guys are amazing.  When talking to them, it's obvious that they really know solar and they really listen and try to come up with solutions that fit the customer's needs.  My mother-in-law has an older, smaller home with a 100 amp electrical panel.  All the solar companies we talked to said she would need to upgrade to a 200 amp panel except EarthChoice Solar.  They designed a slightly smaller, highly efficient system  which worked with the existing 100 amp panel and saved my mother-in-law a significant amount of money.  I really appreciate them recommending the right size system and not trying to up-sell to a larger system..."